What Makes a Quality Cotton Thread Even Better?

What Makes a Quality Cotton Thread Even Better?

We set our cottons apart with an attention to detail and refusing to cut corners.

Cotton is one of the most popular thread choices due to its lack of stretch and matte finish, making it very easy to sew with. But what separates a low quality cotton thread from a premium quality thread?

Most higher end thread companies will use long staple Egyptian cotton. "Long staple" refers to the length of the cotton fibre in the thread. This contributes to the strength of the thread as well as reduces the amount of lint on it.

However, in order to reduce the amount of lint on a thread even further, some companies will glaze the thread with a glue or residue. While on the surface the thread may look very clean, it becomes an issue if you choose to sew with it in the machine as the glue or residue will stick to the parts inside and end up gumming up your machine. While you may not have to clean out as much lint, you'll still need to clean out the residue, resulting in an even bigger mess.

Spagetti 12wt Cotton Thread

WonderFil™ chooses to double gas its cotton threads which is the step that sets our thread apart from the competition. Double gassing refers to a process that burns off 80% of the lint on the thread. We then do this process AGAIN, so that the remaining 20% has another 80% of the lint removed. The result is the incredibly clean thread you can see pictured above with ZERO glue or residue applied. The end result is a very smooth running and low lint thread, creating an exceptionally smooth and clean stitch.

So why don't all companies do this? Simply because double gassing a thread makes it more expensive and companies don't want to eat the cost. Fortunately because WonderFil™ manufactures its own thread, we can produce this high quality thread and still make it available to the market at an incredibly competitive price.

WonderFil Cotton Threads

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