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Sue Daley Bobbinator Pack

Sue Daley Bobbinator Pack

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DecoBob™ 80wt cottonized polyester
1 Bobbinator™ device, 10 size Class 15 bobbins
123m (135yd) per bobbin 

This excellent travel device makes it easy to bring several colours of thread with you on the go. The device holds 3 class 15 size bobbins in storage, with a 4th in a separate compartment. The thread in this compartment feeds through a slit, making it easy to keep your hand sewing thread organized and clean while stitching.

The Bobbinator™ also allows you to utilize your bobbin as a top thread on the horizontal and vertical spool stands of the machine. Perfect for taking a few colours with you while travelling or attending a class, without needing to pack a whole thread box.

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