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Thread Butler - Thread Saver

Thread Butler - Thread Saver

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Bring your threads on the go with the Thread Butler™️ accessory! This handy sewing essential is perfect for bringing your threads along on any trip, whether you’re doing a cross-country road trip or sitting in the sidelines at the football game. Conveniently pack your threads with you without the hassle of bringing along larger, heavier spools.

You can easily loop about 4 arm’s lengths (2m/6.5’) in each holder. In the case of more than 2m/6.5’ being required for a project, an additional length can be added in another holder. Each Thread Butler™️ holds up to 12 different loops of thread.

Stay organized and mark your color numbers and which project they pair with on the backside. It’s the perfect size to keep in a purse, bag, or project box.
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