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5 Simple Sewing Tips for Your Sewing Room

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5 Simple Sewing Tips for Your Sewing Room

Sometimes it’s those simple things that can make your sewing room run more efficiently. Here’s 5 easy time-saving solutions that everyone can keep in mind to improve their sewing, all while working smarter, not harder!

1.When you are cutting several of the same size blocks, place a piece of masking tape on the ruler along the exact measurement. This way you can easily find the measurement each time and make your cutting a lot more efficient.

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2.(This applies if you don’t have a built in needle threader.) When threading your sewing machine needle, hold a piece of white fabric or batting behind the needle so you can see the hole better. This will help you see where the hole is and make it easier and faster to thread your needle.

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3.Heavy weight threads like our 8wt Razzle or Dazzle can be hard to thread in your hand sewing needle. Here’s a handy tip! Take a strand of finer thread, like an 80 or 60wt, and tuck it part way through the eye in a loop. Run the larger 8wt strand through this loop and pull it straight through. Threading a heavy thread has never been this easy!

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4.If you have trouble sewing a straight line, try placing a piece of painters tape or removable masking tape on the line where you want to sew. This will act as a guide to position your fabric and make it easier to sew a straight line.

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5.When cleaning off your cutting mat, try using a piece of scrap batting to wipe across the surface your mat. The batting will catch all the thread strands and fabric bits and will clean faster than trying to pick up each individual piece.

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