The Specialty Club

Wonderful Rewards for Special ones just like you!

Welcome to the WonderFil Specialty Club Rewards Program! Introducing our program full of privileges and great rewards upon joining the Specialty Club. Discover all the great benefits as a member, earn points and learn more about our WonderFil thread!

We present the following criteria so you can always sew happy and redeem great prizes:

Referral Program
- Referrer rewarded when the referred customers spend over: €50
- Referrer rewarded with: 300 points
- Referred customer rewarded with: 100 points
Points for Purchase
- For every €1.00 spent, the reward amount will be: 5 points
Create Account
- Earn 150 points when you create an account.
Happy Birthday
- Earn 400 points on your birthday.
Punch Card
- Earn 500 points after making 5
The minimum spend per purchase: €15.00
Goal Spend
- Earn 500 points when you spend over €200.00
Read Content
- Earn 70 points when you read our content.
Newsletter Sign Up
- Get 100 points just for signing up.

Once you collect enough points, you can redeem them for the following coupons or gifts:

€10 : 1000 points

€15 : 1500 points

€30 : 3000 points