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The Joy of Creation DecoBob Collection

The Joy of Creation DecoBob Collection

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Introducing the Joy of Creation DecoBob Collection, a partnership between Veruschka Zarate of Pride and Joy Quilting and WonderFil Speciality Threads. Veruschka is an award-winning quilt marker and pattern designer known for her modern quilts that has been featured in numerous magazines and podcasts. This collection features brand new colors of 80wt DecoBob thread curated by Veruschka herself. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned quilter, the Joy of Creation DecoBob Collection is the perfect addition to your quilting arsenal.

Included are 60 spools of 80wt DecoBob thread, a finer thread that is perfect for delicate and detailed foundation paper piecing projects. The lighter weight is thinner and more supple than traditional quilting threads, allowing for smoother and more precise stitching and flatter seams. The cottonized polyester material makes it both strong and durable, ensuring your quilts will stand the test of time. Additionally, DecoBob is also ideal to use for quilting, bobbin thread, machine embroidery and general machine sewing. With this collection, you’ll have the tools you need to create truly beautiful and professional-looking quilts. Don’t miss out on this collection and see the difference DecoBob can make in your quilting projects!

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